Nail Treatments

Retreat Manicure:

Warm towels are used to treats the hands and nails to prepare for expert shaping and cuticle removal. Nails are shaped, cuticles softened and trimmed, nails buffed. Hands are exfoliated, massaged, paraffin dip and your choice of nail polish finish this service. (45 mins.)

$ 45.00

Essentials Manicure:

Begins with a softening hand cream to prevent cracks and dryness. Enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage. Nails are buffed, cuticles are trimmed and hydrated. A layer of a strengthener is applied to the nails and left naturally bare. (20 mins).

$ 15.00

Acrylic Dipping System:

Features an odorless nail enhancement application that effortlessly coats your nails in powder with no sculpting necessary. This time saving technology provides a flexible,flawless finish without damaging the natural nail.(45 mins).

$ 35.00

Antiaging Manicure:

Ideal to prevent or combat measures against aging effects on hands. With home maintenance and paired with salon services you will see dramatic decrease in age spots and an increase in collagen and elastin in the skin.(45 mins).

$ 55.00


Retreat Pedicure:

Feet are soak in a footsie disposable liner. Nails trimming, filing cuticle care and buffing are followed by a food exfoliation and a mask removed with warm towels. Then a relaxing foot massage. Your choice of polish finished this service
(50 min).

$ 48.00

Essentials Pedicure:

Soak in warm footsie disposable liner, cuticles are conditioned, calluses gently smoothed away, nails are clipped, buffed,filed and nails left naturally bare. A relaxing foot massage finished this service.
(30 min).

$ 22.00

Stone Pedicure:

Features the use of heated stones, essential oils and callus smoothing. Rough areas are smoothed away and nails are trimmed. Hot stones will relax the muscles and joints and relieve your tension. Warm towels are then applied to your feet to stimulate circulation, soften skin, and relieve your achy tired feet. Your choice of polish concludes this relaxing experience.
(40 mins).

$ 40.00


Shellac gel lacquer(except on Essentials Manicure)

$ 10.00

Gel lacquer removal

$ 10.00

Paraffin dip

$ 10.00

French polish

$ 10.00

Nails strengthener

$ 5.00

Aromatherapy massage cream and scrub

$ 8.00

Foot mask

$ 8.00

Polish change color

$ 10.00

Polish change french

$ 15.00