Four Hands Essential

Four Hands MassageThe Essentials Four Hands Massage is a powerful treatment will both unlock and heal built-up tension throughout the body, and will actually clear and soothe your mind. Unlike a traditional massage with just one massage therapist, when you have two therapists touching your body, your mind and body react differently. When the Essentials Four Hands Massage session starts, many people find themselves trying keeping track of the therapists; where each one is and what each one is doing. As the massage progresses, it becomes more difficult to keep track of a logical order. Soon you realize you’re not sure who is doing what, and your mind gives up control. During your Four Essentials Hands Massage, you will discover a whole new level of relaxation as the two exceptional therapists work together in synchronized, choreographed moves over your body. This is a wonderful massage is especially good for anyone who has a hard time letting go even during a relaxing treatment. The Essentials Four Hands Massage is also ideal for people who can’t switch off their busy thinking. During the Essentials Four Hands Massage, your brain will focus on nothing but relaxation.

Our Essentials Four Hands Massage is an experience that is unmatched in indulgent pampering. It is the ultimate massage for alleviation of all physical and mental tension. During the Essentials Four Hands Massage, you will be getting the benefit of two massages in one unforgettable session, and you will walk away feeling like a whole new you.